Keel repairs in progress

Keel showing large splits
Keel with removed section
Keel showing clean areas where the wood was affixed
Part of removed keel showing extent of split
Keel bolts showing dezincification.
A bottom scrapers view. Now completed.
WH roof fairing re-attached
State of HOG work in progress.

This week the team have completed scrapping the bottom, all antifoul that was loose or in poor condition has been removed ready for the primer.

The shipwrights have commenced work on the keel.

Boat progressing well

This week saw our band of volunteers working very hard to try and meet the deadline, the wheelhouse is now ready for painting.

This weeks volunteers were David O, Steve, Glynis. Fran, & Rose. A big thank you to all who worked this week.

Closing up in readiness of colder weather, double doors fitted to inclosure
Scratching, scraping, & sanding by our band of volunteers
Sanding back deck ready for filler
Tidied up work area ‘
A clean ship is a happy ship” said Henry.

Wheelhouse roof Finished

Finished laying up the glass fibre and trimming of the WH roof.

Scraping the hull is still  work in progress.

And starting to improve the surrounding boat cover in readiness for the cold weather.

Glassed roof
Showing cut out for mast
Glassed WH showing cut out for WH door
Trimmed the material on top is the peal ply removed as to allow for sanding back [Trimming]


1st layer of WH roof going on
Shipwright applying laminate
1st layer installed
Making up second laminate
Wheel house being warmed prior to second lamination
Busy laying up second laminate to WH
On, Clamped, and left to cure.

As you can see by the photos the wheelhouse roof now is completed, well nearly, there is still works to do like shaping, routing etc:

The Bottom Scrapers have been hard at work and the Portside is now about 80% cleaned of antifoul.

Thanks to David O, Steve, Rose, Glinis & Dave R.

Volunteers working hard

Volunteers are working hard progressing readiness of wheelhouse and Hull works.

This week we glued up supports for the WH roof, and continued sanding and scraping areas ready for painting work is progressing nicely.

Steve and David O, hard at work
Wheelhouse clamped up and glued



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