2 Pack Primer added over the last 2 weeks

With the help of New Members Tim and Rick the 2 pack primer is being applied.

There has been some more replacement timber repairs such as the corner stern sacrificial units having rotten wood removed and replaced with new.

The forward Samson Post is now bolted.

Scott has put in some time removing flaking paint, and more filling done.

RICK adding another coat of 2 pack to wheelhouse and deck
Sacrificial corner of stern in process of repair.
sacrificial corner replaced
Deck Primed
Inside wheelhouse
Samson Posts installed and bolted.

Thanks to hardworking members the project is  now moving on a pace

Many hands make good progress

This last couple of weeks have seen good progress, thanks to new volunteers coming forward to help the tired Few.

Thanks to new members Rick H, Tim A,

helped along by Rose, David O, & Scott.

Rose has managed to finish putting the screws along both sides of the Keel/ Garboards quite a task as it meant crawling underneath the Hull, In total some 160. using a 3 system drilling technique, followed by injecting each hole with Stixall and then screwing each Bronze screw in by Hand. I now owe her 2 pies and 2 pints.

Other works carried out with the assistance of Rick has been the replacement of Bronze rods through the Keel.

And again with assistance of Rick replacing the deck inside the Wheelhouse. also filling and rubbing down uppers, in readiness for painting.

Scott Kindly tidied up, sorted out the tool box’s as tools were getting scattered, and helped rubbing down the Strake, again ready for painting.

David O finished apply Fill & Fare to the Decks, ready for paint.

And the Lockers and Samson Post are now going in for the final fitting.

Sacrificial corner of stern in process of repair.


Keel repairs in progress

Keel showing large splits
Keel with removed section
Keel showing clean areas where the wood was affixed
Part of removed keel showing extent of split
Keel bolts showing dezincification.
A bottom scrapers view. Now completed.
WH roof fairing re-attached
State of HOG work in progress.

This week the team have completed scrapping the bottom, all antifoul that was loose or in poor condition has been removed ready for the primer.

The shipwrights have commenced work on the keel.

Boat progressing well

This week saw our band of volunteers working very hard to try and meet the deadline, the wheelhouse is now ready for painting.

This weeks volunteers were David O, Steve, Glynis. Fran, & Rose. A big thank you to all who worked this week.

Closing up in readiness of colder weather, double doors fitted to inclosure
Scratching, scraping, & sanding by our band of volunteers
Sanding back deck ready for filler
Tidied up work area ‘
A clean ship is a happy ship” said Henry.



The Tom Sherrin Restoration Project is managed by the Poole Unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service.

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