New Signage

Thanks to David Ide, we now have a new, very impressive sign board for the transom. Instead of routing the lettering as before he has cut every letter individually from wood and fastened it to the board (without any spelling mistakes!!). The mounting board has been finished in black gloss enamel which sets off the gold painted lettering a treat. Well done Dave.

Dave’s handiwork

Fixing storm damage to the shelter

The recent storms had played havoc with Tom Sherrin’s shelter and work had to cease as the area was now open to the elements. The ‘shrink wrap’ side coverings were ripped away and part of the corrugated roof had freed itself from the scaffolding and was hanging precariously down.

David R and Glynis managed to slot a couple of pieces of wood underneath the corrugated panels to wedge them up as a makeshift repair to secure the roof.

As for the sides, an appeal was put out for tarpaulins etc. and today, David’s O & R and Alan secured the tarpaulins and taped up some of the side coverings. So Tom Sherrin (and the volunteer workforce) are now sheltered from the elements again.



Keel repairs in progress

Keel showing large splits
Keel with removed section
Keel showing clean areas where the wood was affixed
Part of removed keel showing extent of split
Keel bolts showing dezincification.
A bottom scrapers view. Now completed.
WH roof fairing re-attached
State of HOG work in progress.

This week the team have completed scrapping the bottom, all antifoul that was loose or in poor condition has been removed ready for the primer.

The shipwrights have commenced work on the keel.



The Tom Sherrin Restoration Project is managed by the Poole Unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service.

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