Cockpit progress and new faces

Alan and I travelled up today and finally got to meet Mark who was already busy in the cockpit. He had enlarged the inspection access hole in the aft bulkhead which I was pleased about. He had been working two days again this week and he had drilled and fitted additional coachscrews securing the steering shelf and also to the rudder stops. We were impressed with the cockpit sole framework that he was constructing but he needed the works in the lazarette, chiefly the rudder, to be completed and the hatch fitted before the sole could be installed.

At mid-day we were joined by Barnaby and were taken to meet Abi the new Head of School. Most of the discussion focused on our financial situation and the HLF funding. She impressed as a very positive, can-do person who I feel wants us to succeed and has offered us the benefit of her vast experience of working with the HLF to assist us with our reporting and funding requests, an offer I was only too glad to accept!

After lunch, Tiger showed us a 100m coil of 5ins polypropylene hawser that he offered us to use as an all round fendering. We are tempted due to the cash saving to be made but will make a decision once our budget is completed.



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