Meeting at Cserve Ltd

Myself, Alan and the proprietor Chris Somner met to discuss getting back to work during the gradual easing of the Lockdown regulations. We explained to him our 3 main initial priorities ie the hull integrity, the cockpit rebuild to Coded cat 3 surveyors requirements and the replacement of the wheelhouse roof and windows.

This would require him to re-bore the deadwood and reinstall the sterntube and propshaft. He informed us that as the new deadwood had a misaligned pilot-boring already done by the Portsmouth College it would have to be removed by MVS and a new one made by him. This is a big setback and we will have to source a massive hunk of timber from somewhere. (The Portsmouth one was made out of a timber fished out of Portsmouth harbour and believed to be about 150 years old!!)

It was agreed that the MVS would replace the wheelhouse roof and also do the hull exterior. He recommended to abrade the hull clean and apply underwater primer. The MVS would also complete the cockpit rebuild. We would not be allowed into the workshops or to use any of their tools or machinery but if we gave them the dimensions, they would cut the timber for us and also carry out epoxy sheathing where required. He promised to install a metered electric supply out in the Yard that we could access for using power tools.

Further discussion ensued concerning Covid-19 safe working procedures, (Maximum 2 MVS personnel on site at anytime), domestic arrangements such as use of toilets, parking, beverages etc and a promise to review these measures on 17th May 2021

It will be good to get back to work, albeit slowly

new shaft-log that now has to be removed! The 6 bronze bolts go right through to the bottom of the keel!!



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