Meeting in Poole November 13th

The Project MVS technical team met yesterday to discuss an updated draft of the remaining works required to take the project to completion provided by Barnaby Shepherd with an invitation to add any others and agree who does what. After much discussion a list of  further works was produced which increased the 2 page document to 3½ pages.

The breakdown of this draft was 47 jobs to be done by the College, 20 jobs by the Team Sherrin (MVS volunteer shipwrights) and 47 jobs by the MVS Poole volunteers. If we could each manage to complete one job each week, if you believe in miracles, then it should be possible to complete the restoration in 11 months!! Realistically we should strive to get it completed within 18 months as a target to aim for.



The Tom Sherrin Restoration Project is managed by the Poole Unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service.

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