MVS Work-party

Alan Jones and I made the trip up to Portsmouth today. Alan got to work refitting the rudder gland greaser with a new pipe and installed it onto the shelf and reconnected to the rudder tube. I marked out and drilled a couple of 2 ins holes in the aft bulkead and fitted two cockpit drains. I fitted the port side pipe to the transom stub but the starboard side pipe proved to be too short so a new one will be needed. Alan removed the exhaust pipe adapter/reducer but the stainless steel had become thin and perforated and was condemned. Again a new one would have to be made. The exhaust T clamps were removed and inspected but most were condemned due to corrosion of the bolts. More shopping needed. Finally we ran the Teleflex steering cable from the helm position through the wheelhouse and bulkhead, cockpit and aft bulkhead into the lazarette and connected via the swivel joint to the tiller arm.

Last Thursday Tim progressed the wheelhouse door threshold and Mark the lazarette hatch. The new floor is now fitted bridging the keelson and the cockpit sole supports are primed and now fitted, see photos.

new oak floor


cockpit sole supports



The Tom Sherrin Restoration Project is managed by the Poole Unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service.

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