MVS Work Party

Today began with a call in to Hypose to purchase some reinforced hose for the cockpit drain and a set of Mikalor exhaust clamps before making the trip to Portsmouth. Tim was in the machine shop working on the door threshold and Mark was laminating the two iroko aft samson posts. I removed the old pipe fittings from the cockpit drain pipe  and fitted them to the new hose and reconnected the bulkhead drain to the transom stub.

I then turned my attention to reinstalling the exhaust system but immediately ran into a problem. The hole cut in the aft bulkhead was too low and misaligned with the transom outlet fitting. The hole will need enlarging at the top. By this time Mark was free to assist and after struggling to achieve the impossible we decided to remove the exhaust fitting. More problems as we observed that the flange was bent and would need fairing and the spigot is too long and needs shortening. With Mark working outside and myself inside the lazarette we removed the 10 fixing bolts, one sheared off and a couple more were bent, we eventually succeeded in removing it.

The problem hole!



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