Return to Boathouse 4

Yesterday Alan and I made the trip to Portsmouth in order to locate all our equipment and materials in readiness to ship back to Poole. Ollie met us at the Main Gate to ensure we were allowed in. The Boathouse was very quiet with only a skeleton staff in to run the course for the new cohort of students.

The tide was low but Tom Sherrin was sitting in the cut afloat with the help of a pump.

With help from James and Sophie we managed to find all our equipment and materials with the exception of our new propshaft which Tiger has managed to stash away in some hiding place of his own. We took some photos to send to the transport company to show where he has to turn outside and reverse through the doors and park for the boat loading and took a note of the door height to ensure that he can exit with the boat loaded. Fingers crossed we have calculated correctly. Altogether a very useful visit.



The Tom Sherrin Restoration Project is managed by the Poole Unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service.

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