Steering Group

Committee members

Nigel Barrow – Project Coordinator, Work Party Leader

Nigel Barrow

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Alan Jones – Technical Team, Progress Chaser, Work Party Leader

Alan Jones

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Brian Margetson. – PR, Promotion, Marketing

Brian Margetson

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Colin Fisher – Education and Memories Team, Scribe, Organising & Overview

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David Wall – Treasurer

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Jacky Lindley. – Education and Memories Team Leader, Helping with PR, Promo etc.

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Jean-Jacques Dauchot. – Web Master and all things IT

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Mike Cummings – Work Party Leader, so far, more to come

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Peter Lockwood – Information Recording and Analysis, Financials, Wise Old Owl

Peter Lockwood

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Richard Rees – Technical Team, Memories Team, Work Party Leader

Richard Rees

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Trevor Ashworth – Oversight and Link with National Body

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Nigel Rodgers. – Work Party Leader 

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