Tom Sherrin has a new tin hat

Just Alan, Paul and myself braved the freezing cold today. After taking the usual Covid precautions we got to work on  the shelter adding some extra bracing to the frame and then to complete the roof. We experienced some problems due to a mismatch between sheets. The width of the roof is covered by the pairing of a 6ft sheet overlapped by a 10ft sheet, both described as being 42″ wide and all delivered from the same supplier. However the 6 footers actually measured 42.5″ whilst the 10 footers were 41.5″ . The one inch difference caused a few headaches! Notwithstanding the task was completed by 2pm and we were very glad to head for the warmth of home.

The next stage will be to clad the scaffolding entirely in polythene shrink-wrap. Let’s hope that we don’t have to wait until this National Lockdown ends. We are only allowed to work on Saturdays now because the Yard is otherwise closed to business. Sunday working is not allowed under the Industrial Estate rules. This is going to be a long haul.

A Tin Hat at last!





The Tom Sherrin Restoration Project is managed by the Poole Unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service.

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