Tom Sherrin on the move – but not far

Work party today comprised Keith who drove, Rose and myself. On arrival we found TS in the dry in her usual position. Keith and Rose applied a 2nd coat of non-slip slate grey to the wheelhouse deck boards on the ground whilst I continued with the paint stripping of the wheelhouse with hot-air gun and belt sander. After a short lunch break we cleared up as she was to go back in the cut for a couple of hours. This was a joint effort between IBTCP staff and volunteers and ourselves assisting. We watched the water entering the hull in little fountains and very soon filled inside to the waterline. An electric pump was put aboard to manage the level until it was time to be lifted out again.

Back in the drink again for a thirsty hull!

In the meantime we and the IBTCP volunteers shifted all the previously inaccessible equipment stored on our pallet and under the starboard side of the hull and under the steps. My job was to sort it all deciding what we could scrap as no longer required and what had to be kept for refitting. This was reloaded neatly onto our own pallet which was now moved next to TS’s intended new position.

Once it was time to lift Tom Sherrin back onto dry land it was all-hands- on-deck. I got the job of throwing the heaving lines across the dock then Rose took the headrope and I took the sternline as we guided her as she was airborne over the top of the other boats until she was lowered into her new position and chocked off by the IBTCP staff.



The Tom Sherrin Restoration Project is managed by the Poole Unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service.

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